Hanging on

Life is beautiful and harsh all at the same time..

I need to find a way to cope.. I have all kinds of outlets to chose from and I want to chose the worst ones, even knowing I’ll destroy so much goodness around me. The harsh part in life is confusing and it makes me feel all kinds of things I don’t want to feel..or think. Thinking thoughts.. Thinking things I shouldn’t think.  Thinking I can can cover it all up by thinking about things I shouldn’t be thinking.


Happy thoughts :)

I realized the simple things that make me happy and bring joy… and yet I have not put any effort towards those goals.. I know how to bring out my creativity and I need to do just that.. who would have thought I’d have my paradigm shift in computer class.

From the Kitchen: Strawberry Rhubarb Pop Tarts

these look super easy! I found my next “to try” recipe 🙂

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I grew up in a 1980’s frozen dinner, margarine on toast, American cheese, powdered Country Time Lemonade kinda family. Organic? Never heard of it. Locally grown? What’s that? My mom bought me Lunchables,Pringles and Great White Shark fruit snacks. We were quite the packaged goods family. And while I think I turned out okay, I would never in a million years feed my kids the way I was allowed to eat. Never!! So sadly, my little ones will never know the goodness that is a Kellog’s Pop Tart…but they will most likely get a homemade version every so often as a special treat.

When rhubarb’s in season, I can’t help but buy it whenever I find it, and what better upgrade to the classic strawberry toaster treat!! These mini tarts are the perfect single serving of nostalgia (and they’re excellent with milk!) Enjoy!! -xo

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Home Fire

Home Fire

The long road is getting smaller and the drive becomes slower

The thickness of the forest is getting darker

The hills that surround the tiny path are covered with the dark thickness of the forest

It seems the deeper I travel into the forest the darker it becomes

I am close; I can see the tiny twinkling lights

The deep sense of pride I feel has awakened by the small twinkling lights

ImageI see the grandeur that is before me as I descend on the last hill

It is home, my home

The snowcapped mountains give me a deep sense of comfort

The timeless mountains have raised me

My home is this, timeless mountains, brisk cold air followed by the crackling of a roaring fire that awaits me and welcomes me to the place where I belong.